Shipping Policy

Shipping speed

Where is the Flash when we need him?

Due to several factors, including current global supply chain limitations, shipping may be slower than usual, taking up to 30 days for orders to arrive in some cases. 

Whilst we are constantly working on improving all of our services as we grow, shipping speeds are sometimes out of our control and can vary based on available inventory, order volumes, customer location, shipping company logistics, etc.
We also work with multiple suppliers worldwide and must adhere to international and local customs regulations, which can impact shipping speeds.

Please note that orders containing one or more products with customizations usually take a little longer than items already available in our inventory since custom orders are printed on demand.

The good news*

To make it easier on our customers, we do offer a discounted shipping structure for eligible locations; the larger the order, the larger the discount. 

  • Orders over US$100 = Free shipping (within the continental United States)
  • All orders under US$100 = Standard Rate
* Please note that Standard Shipping rates may vary based on shipping company pricing. 

**To qualify for free shipping, the order value must be at least US$100, excluding taxes, shipping, or other fees, and after all discounts have been applied."

*** Please contact us if you experience delays longer than 30 days